Khadim Sy Has Rejoined Basketball Program

Photo by Fred Kfoury- Icon Sportswire

6’ 10” center, Khadim Sy, has reunited with the Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball program. Sy will be a huge help for the Hokies due to his big stature, and if you know anything about Buzz Williams, recruiting guys over 6’ 6” can be a rarity. However, Sy will have to hold off his contributions and wait until the 2018/19 season as he will not play in any of the remaining games this year due to him redshirting. He will enroll in the winter semester and will be able to practice with the team.

After withdrawing from Tech in early September, he then enrolled at Tallahassee Community College in Florida. He wasn’t there long though, in the beginning of October he left the school and went home to stay with his family in Tazewell, VA. He wanted to get back on the hardwood and play college ball again. Clemson, Oregon and Baylor were all looking at him, but he must have had something with Virginia Tech that brought him back.

The three star recruit out of Oak Hill started most games for the Hokies and averaged 5.0 points and 3.4 rebounds doing so. Those numbers may sound bad for a starting center and that’s because he wasn’t their number one option at the position. He only averaged 12 minutes a game due to Zach LeDay usually coming off the bench and not going back for long. We all know what Zach can do; that’s why he’s playing overseas currently, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on an NBA roster sometime in his career.

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