Tyrod Taylor Leads Bills To Playoffs For First Time In 18 Years

Photo credit- Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America


TYROD DID IT, MIKEY! The Buffalo Bills have clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 1999 and former Virginia Tech quarterback, Tyrod Taylor led them there. After being benched for former Pitt Panther, Nathan Peterman, it was clear that either the Bills head coach or upper management didn’t like him. Peterman went on to throw five interceptions before halftime and Tyrod got the starting job back. He let them know that they made big mistake by benching him by leading them past the regular season. I’m 100 percent sure they would not be in the playoffs if Peterman was their starter.

After throwing for 204 yards and a touchdown, the Bills were able to beat the Miami Dolphins 22-16. Andy Dalton is actually the most loved player in Buffalo right now. He threw a 49-yard game winning touchdown to beat the Baltimore Ravens who the Bills needed to lose in order to clinch a spot. Tyrod will face a tough Jacksonville Jaguars defense in the wildcard round on January, Seventh. Isn’t that weird to say? The Bills and Jaguars are in the playoffs!

Bengals touchdown to send the Bills to the playoffs + Titanic.

You’re welcome #BillsMafia.

cc: @DelReid pic.twitter.com/FxqcksXKXd

— Matt Allaire(@AllaireMatt) January 1, 2018
The Hokie legend will have an interesting offseason. During the season everyone was thinking he’d be in a different uniform next year and now that might not be the case. The Bills finally have someone who can bring them to the playoffs so why let him go? Who knows?

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